Preoperative Instructions

Your preoperative instructions begin on the day your surgeon schedules you for surgery. These instructions will include:

  • The date and approximate time of your surgery.
  • The location of OAK Surgery Center; 6712 North Convent Street, Bourbonnais, Illinois.
  • Information on stopping liquids and food the night before surgery.
  • Scheduling a history and physical with your primary care physician within 30 days of surgery.
  • If you require any lab tests or EKG (as deemed necessary by your primary physician) these should be done within a week of the surgery and the results sent via fax to OAK Surgery Center at (815) 348-9356.

You will be contacted by a registered nurse from OAK Surgery Center to complete your preoperative assessment. This will include:

  • Documenting a list of your current medications
  • Inquiring about previous surgeries
  • Asking about complications from previous anesthesia or surgery
  • Documenting any allergies to medication, latex, or food
  • Asking about any pertinent family history
  • Educating you about the current surgical procedure you are scheduled to have
  • Answering any questions and concerns you have

You will be notified the business day prior to the surgery about the actual time of the surgery and what time you are to arrive at OAK Surgery Center.

*Since times can change frequently, you will be called in the afternoon the day before surgery.*