Patient Reviews: Rajeev D. Puri, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 5
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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Puri
  • “Dr. Puri explains things very well. He takes his time to make sure you understand.”
    – Mary J.
  • “Dr. Puri is an excellent surgeon, and I love the fact he loves what he does. I had my right knee replacement last February and am now ready to have the left knee replacement this January. An excellent surgeon who cares about his patients.”
    – Carolyn M.
  • “Dr. Puri was awesome. He answered all my questions.”
    – April M.
  • “Dr. Puri is awesome, and he takes as much time as necessary to answer questions. I always feel relaxed and comfortable when we meet. ”
    – Randy C.
  • “Dr. Puri did an outstanding surgery hip replacement. No complications. I am very grateful.”
    – Pamela G.
  • “We liked him so much when he did the previous ankle fracture that now with the new injury to the opposite ankle, no fear when we must go under Dr. Puri’s great care again! ”
    – Emilia H.
  • “Dr. Puri and his staff have been wonderful and caring for the last 5 years I have been coming to Oak.”
    – Richard I.
  • “ Dr. Puri has been very good with information about my Knee Replacement Surgery and recovery progress.”
    – Barry B.
  • “ Dr. Puri is a wonderful doctor that listens closely to his patients and strives to provide them with the very best care to insure a positive outcome.”
    – Kathie G.
  • “ Having my left hip replaced by Dr. Puri and his team was a great experience. It has been two weeks and I am pain free and doing great. I often hear the question why did I wait so long and I all I can say is AMEN. Why did i wait so long. From the first first visit on it was nothing but a wonderful experience. Thank You Dr. Puri and Oak for such a wonderful and healing experience. You and your team are truly acting as the hands and feet of God.”
    – Terry R.
  • “The doctor was very informative and helpful. He showed me the X-rays and explained the problem and all the possible therapies. He was very thorough and listened to my issues. ”
    – Gary B.
  • “Very pleasant doctor. He acted caring and listened to my problem.”
    – Emilie H.
  • “This is the second knee surgery that Dr. Puri has done for me. I would highly recommend him. He really cares how you are doing and is always kind and polite. He doesn't rush you. It was well worth the trip driving from Crown Point, Indiana to have this done. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He is a great surgeon.”
    – Patrick D.
  • “Dr. Puri blessed me with his presence one night he was on call and I was involved in a car accident. From the first moment I met him, my fears were put to ease by his mild manners and soft spoken voice, but confidence in what he would do to help me walk again. I appreciate his honesty from the very beginning of this journey. His staff, beginning at the from door all the way back through the desk and into the rooms is amazing. Thank you Dr. Puri!”
    – Laura D.
  • “I found Dr. Puri to be thorough, concise and focused on the best treatment for me.”
    – Lowell T.
  • “Well where do I start? I've been with Dr. Puri for a long time. He's always concerned with how I'm doing and how to try to get me better. Even when I'm ready to give up, and lord knows how many times that's been. But the ones that's been around really treat me good and are very patient with me. I'm glad I have Dr. Puri for my doctor, as long as he wants to fight I guess I'll keep fighting to get better. ”
    – Wytania H.
  • “Dr. Puri was excellent. Very thorough. Kept me informed and very successfully performed both of my hip replacements. He is a top notch Doctor and Surgeon!”
    – Silvio B.
  • “ Dr. Puri for a recheck on my very sore feet and an injection I had in my right hip. Everything seems to be improving. As long as Dr. Puri is at OAK I will always see him for my aches and pains! He is a wonderful Doctor/Surgeon and a good man. He understands how you feel and always has a solution. Dr. Puri is the best!”
    – Carolyn B.
  • “I had a very positive experience with Dr. Puri. He was extremely supportive and experienced. I had both hips replaced and haven't had any issues at all, granted I followed his instructions to the letter. I would highly recommend Oak Orthopedics to anyone seeking help.”
    – Phil G.
  • “Dr. Puri was the Best!, For my ankle, for preparing me to get back to playing ability, he’s just very personable and easy to talk to, and understood my situation.”
    – Anonymous