Patient Reviews: Eric L. Lee, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 5
(665) Patient Reviews and Ratings
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Lee
  • “Dr. Lee takes the time to talk and explain all my concerns. He tries to be gentle when giving me a shot.”
    – Bernice C.
  • “Nothing but the best from the best! Wouldn't ever think of going anywhere else! Thank you!”
    – Jennifer I.
  • “Dr. Lee has always been so patient listening to your explanation of symptoms, and I have never felt rushed. He’s very thorough on how signs need to get treated and follow-ups.”
    – Laura B.
  • “Very happy with the staff and Dr. ”
    – Gerard F.
  • “Very professional but still friendly. I felt very confident about Dr. Lee prognosis. ”
    – Cindy T.
  • “Everyone is professional, and the exam was thorough and helpful. ”
    – Richard H.
  • “Dr. Lee was great as always. My son has been experiencing knee problems, and Dr. Lee completed a thorough exam, provided exercises, and recommended further look at what is going on. Very comprehensive treatment. ”
    – Ryan D.
  • “Efficient and pleasant.”
    – Ben D.
  • “Professional service provider. Exam with options for relieving symptoms was well explained and easily understood. Thank you.”
    – Neil M.
  • “Dr. Lee was very knowledgeable and understanding. He made me feel like he cares about my situation and wants to give the best care to remedy it. ”
    – Angela M.
  • “He asked great questions, got right to the point at every appointment, listened well, and ordered therapy, etc. that was helpful!”
    – Nathan J.
  • “Dr. Lee and the entire staff at OAK Orthopedic were terrific and so accommodating to my son, who broke his collarbone. They went above and beyond to ensure our son was comfortable as he was terrified of the appointment. He left the office so happy and said how much he loved everyone there!”
    – Amy I.
  • “Very lovely, my 6yr old wasn't scared of any of them. Doctor and staff talked directly to him and made him feel better and remarkable. They were very helpful to me and made sure I had all the correct information.”
    – Jacqulyn B.
  • “Very helpful with all questions. ”
    – Jim D.
  • “Dr. Lee provides excellent customer experience and outstanding medical expertise.”
    – Andrea L.
  • “Dr. Lee was great! He gave us a clear understanding of my son's injury and offered options for treatment. ”
    – Nicole D.
  • “Dr. Lee and the staff were fantastic and quick. ”
    – Amy K.
  • “Very friendly, thorough and relatable to my teenage daughter and myself.”
    – Beth H.
  • “Dr. Lee was very thorough and spoke to my 10 yr old respectfully that she could understand! I appreciate his knowledge and help!”
    – Kellie K.
  • “Dr. Lee was great! Explained all my options and left me feeling less worried than when I came in!”
    – Angela M.
  • “Dr. Lee was very professional, willing to listen to me when I talked about my issues. I did not feel rushed at all.”
    – Sherry C.
  • “Dr. Lee was on time; he was thorough in his exam; he listened to the patient and was extremely nice. His staff was helpful and very friendly. ”
    – Deborah S.
  • “Dr. Lee is professional and kind. We appreciate his honesty and compassion. ”
    – Linda B.
  • “I’ve used OAK Orthopedics in the past with my son and was amazed at how caring, patient, and thorough dr lee and Dr. Muhammed were. I now saw Dr. Lee myself, and once again he was patient, comprehensive, and getting things done. ”
    – Tina P.
  • “Very good. Pleasant and professional.”
    – Doreen S.