Joint Replacement & Revision Doctor

At OAK Orthopedics, the region's most preferred orthopedic practice, our doctors have the knowledge and experience to treat a variety of joint conditions and injuries.

Our joints endure a large amount of stress, and over time, the constant demand wears down the protective cartilage within our joints, which can cause severe joint pain and discomfort.

There are conservative treatment methods that can provide temportary pain relief, such as platelet-rich plasma injections. However, there are many situations in which joint replacement is the best option for long-term relief and restoration of mobility.

If are you considering a joint replacement or are in need of a joint revision to replace an existing artificial implant, OAK Orthopedics’ experienced orthopedic surgeons are highly skilled in performing joint replacement and joint revision procedures.

Please use the links provided to learn more about the joint replacement and joint revision services offered at OAK Orthopedics.

Specializing in What Moves You at OAK Orthopedics

At OAK Orthopedics, our world-class team of orthopedic experts is devoted to providing customized treatment plans focused on each patient's individual needs and goals.

Our specialty-trained joint replacement and revision doctors, Dr. Wesley Choy, Dr. Alexander Michalow, Dr. Michael Corcoran, Dr. Rajeev Puri, Dr. Eddie Jones Jr.Dr. Tom Antkowiak, and Dr. Jalaal Shah, have extensive experience in treating a variety of joint conditions and injuries. Nonsurgical methods will always be recommended first before considering surgery. However, there are situations in which conservative treatments will not provide adequate relief, and surgery is the best option to fix the problem. Our joint replacement and revision surgeons are skilled in performing many joint replacement and revision procedures and utilize state-of-the-art technology in doing so. Rest assured that when you see one of our specialists, you're in the care of the region's most preferred orthopedic providers. 

If you have joint pain that you'd like to have evaluated, we encourage you to contact our team of orthopedic doctors today at one of our three locations in Bourbonnais, FrankfortMokena, or Watseka. Call (815) 928-8050 for our Bourbonnais or Watseka office or (815) 469-3452 for our Frankfort office, or request an appointment online with one of our experienced joint replacement and revision surgeons.