Frequently Asked Questions for your MRI at OAK Orthopedics:

Is OAK MRI claustrophobic friendly?
Yes, OAK MRI has the largest scanner opening in the industry making it claustrophobic friendly. OAK Orthopedics also has an MRI scanner dedicated for upper and lower extremities, which is very claustrophobic friendly.

How early do I need to come before my MRI Appointment?
Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time and check in at the main check in desk.

How long will my MRI exam take?
The exam will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

What should I do to prepare for my MRI exam?
Wear comfortable clothing; avoid zippers, snaps, metal buckles, bra hooks, or anything metal in your clothing. Remove all body jewelry. A gown will be provided if you have metal in your clothing.

What medical conditions may make me a risk for an MRI?

  • Cardiac pace maker/defibrillator
  • Metal stents (ex: cardiac, renal, femoral)
  • Brain aneurysm clips
  • Metal slivers in your eyes
  • Think you might be pregnant
  • Internal pain pump

Can I use lotions before my MRI?
NO. Please wear no body lotion the day of the exam as some lotions have tiny metal flakes in them.

Is there a NO SHOW FEE for my MRI Appointment?
Yes, $125.00. Please call our Bradley office at (815) 928-8050 or our Frankfort office at (815) 469-3452 within 24 hours if you cannot make your appointment.

Are there payment plans available?
Yes. OAK Orthopedics is pleased to provide you with information regarding cost, quality, and ease of access so you can make an informed decision. The physician owned services are priced 10-50% less than the local competitors. In addition to providing a cost advantage, we take pride in delivering high quality services that are easy to access and convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding your X-ray and MRI Copies:

Is there a charge for X-rays and/or MRI copies?

  • If you are referred to an outside specialist from an OAK Orthopedic doctor, there is no charge for your X-ray or MRI copies.
  • X-ray or MRI disks are $5.00 per disk.
  • X-ray films are $10.00 per copy sheet. Since each exam has different amounts of sheets, you can call ahead to find out the pricing

Do I need to call ahead to request my copies?
NO. We do not prepare copies ahead of time. Please come in when you have time to wait about 15 minutes for your copies to be made.