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Golf Performace

The OAK AD Golf Performance Academy is the perfect partnership between the area's best swing instructor, Brian Tulk, and strength & conditioning coach, Jeff Weber, to produce the ultimate off-season golf training program!

The OAK AD Golf Performance Academy is a cutting edge training program designed to improve power and efficiency in the golf swing and decrease pain and injuries related to golf.

Each student will begin by completing a comprehensive movement screen assessment to identify current functional movement imbalances and limitations. In addition, each student's golf swing is analyzed using Ping's nFlight technology which tracks swing speed, ball speed, and distance.

Based on the results of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the golf swing analysis, each student is given an individualized training program specifically designed to improve upon movement limitations leading to swing faults.

Each month, each student's swing is reanalyzed to track progress. Additionally, progressive program updates are made in the training program for maximum results. Upon completion of the 120 day program, the golfer's swing will be anlayzed to compare preliminary data to show results.

Each student will also have the opportunity to hit balls in a half hour session up to three times per week.

To learn more about our OAK AD Golf Performance Academy or to join the program, please call (815) 932-5492.