Patient Reviews: Kermit Muhammad, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 5
(476) Patient Reviews and Ratings
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Muhammad
  • “Dr. Muhammad is excellent and very professional, excellent service, thank you.”
    – Joyce R.
  • “Dr. Muhammad is good.”
    – Delbert D.
  • “I was very pleased with the care Dr. Muhammad gave me. My hand is much improved.”
    – Mary B.
  • “Dr. Muhammad was very professional and cordial. ”
    – Gloria H.
  • “From my first visit for a broken arm (humerus), the staff and Dr. Muhammad were very professional and provided the guidance and help needed to set up my surgery and post-surgery care. To say the least, I was scared, having never had any surgery, and the staff and Dr. Muahmmad's assistant John were very reassuring and informed me of what would be happening. Each time I had a follow-up appointment, Dr. Muhammad and/or John were professional and communicated my progress and plan for eventual complete healing. As well, the nursing/office staff were exceptional. Everyone was very caring and kind. I am happy to say I am completely healed and happy with the treatment and service I received. ”
    – Melinda H.
  • “Dr. M. Is a great surgeon. ”
    – Cathy B.
  • “It has been my pleasure to have Dr Muhammad seeing to the reparation of my thumb. It’s embarrassing to tell someone a happy dog did the damage, but his calm, gentle manner keeps me grounded. Even getting a shot in the knuckle of my thumb wasn’t stressful. I’ll be having surgery at the end of November. While I’m stressing about my business & lack of income, I have no qualms about the actual surgery. Also, from everyone I’ve spoken with, I’ve received nothing but positive feedback regarding Dr Muhammad. I’m feeling optimistic about my outcome. ”
    – Lynnette M.
  • “I fell and shattered my humerus. A rod was surgically inserted in my arm. I'm now in therapy. I feel everyone concerned was great. Especially Dr. Muhammad.”
    – Sue E.
  • “Good bedside manners. Very professional.”
    – Randall C.
  • “Excellent care! The staff and doctor gave a full assessment of my surgery, the expectations, the procedure, and the reassurance that I would have good mobility back in my thumb once it was taken care of. Dr. Mohammad is a quiet doctor. Yet is completely competent and skilled in what he does, and having the surgery was the best choice for me to make. I'm so thankful for a successful surgery that gave me back the use of my thumb (I am a pianist).”
    – Gail K.
  • “Because of my orthopaedic care, I have my left arm and am able to have movement in my arm and hand. This is only the start for me. On February 11th my left forearm was amputated in an accident involving a saw. I was taken to Riverside where later Dr. Kermit Muhammed preformed surgery to reattach my left forearm. After 7 hours of surgery my arm was reattached. IV therapy was prescribed for the next 6 weeks through a PICC line. My therapy started out being just wound care, but now I am able to do movement therapy.”
    – Anonymous