Patient Reviews: Ashraf Hasan, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 5
(504) Patient Reviews and Ratings
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Hasan
  • “Always professional and very friendly. Dr. Hasan takes his time and always answers all my questions.”
    – Kathy S.
  • “Excellent patient care.”
    – Linda P.
  • “Dr. Hasan is wonderful. He is efficient, knowledgeable and professional. I have a chronic back issue and Dr. Hasan has managed it for several years. I trust him completely and am totally satisfied with his expertise.”
    – Pam S.
  • “ Dr. Hasan and his staff are wonderful. I am always treated with respect and courteousy. Information is always provided to me regarding my health. ”
    – Marsha S.
  • “ Dr. Hasan and his entire staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I have never had a bad experience while being treated at OAK or during outpatient surgeries at Riverside. I would highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Hasan if you have any back pain issues.”
    – Scott T.
  • “Dr. Hasan is amazing and understanding! He actually cares about his patients. He takes his time with you and listens to your needs and problems! ”
    – Tami L.
  • “I have been seeing Dr. Hasan for a few years now for a pinched nerve in my neck. With his shots, I am able to rule out neck surgery. He is a very kind doctor who has compassion for all his patients and listens to what they have to say. I would recommend Dr. Hasan to anyone in a heartbeat!!!”
    – Sheri P.
  • “I have had lower back pain for some time now. I went made an appointment with OAK to see Dr. Hasan. I cannot say enough about the care I have received from Dr. Hasan and all of his staff. Dr. Hasan takes the time to listen to you and he explains things in plain terms. I would highly recommend OAK and Dr. Hasan as you will receive exceptional care.”
    – Scott T.
  • “Dr. Hasan has been taking care of me for over 10 years. Thanks to his care, I'm able to continue enjoying activities, such as playing with grandchildren, gardening, working at the office, etc. I've never felt like just another patient, Dr. Hasan & his staff have always been caring and considerate. ”
    – Tonnia B.
  • “Dr Hasan has been treating me for chronic back pain for years. Thanks to his help, I'm still able to keep my job and enjoy life's pleasures such as playing with my grandchildren, working my garden, and other pastimes that just wouldn't be possible for me without his help. I feel that I'm not just a chart to Dr. Hasan and his staff. They treat me with respect and remember little things from visit to visit like 'how was your vacation in NC?'. ”
    – Tonnia B.
  • “Great.”
    – Norma H.
  • “Dr. Hasan is the most professional and informative doctor that I have ever been to. He is so compassionate and caring. He has your very best interest at heart and is so willing to help in any way. I recommend Dr. Hasan to anyone that I have talked to with Back problems. You can tell a good doctor by the way his staff treats him and his patients. They are one in a million. Thank you to him and his staff for the treatment above and beyond. ”
    – LuAnn M.
  • “I've seen Dr. Hasan for over ten years now. He helps me continue my normal day to day activities with minimal pain. Without his help, I'd be homebound or worse. He is very considerate and compassionate, and I never feel 'judged'. My wait time to see him is rarely over 5-10 minutes past my appointment time. ”
    – Tonnia B.
  • “Dr. Hasan takes the time to listen to my concerns. He offers solutions to try to help with any particular problem. Dr. Hasan has helped me with my pain. Always keeps in touch.”
    – Marsha S.
  • “This was my first time seeing Dr. Hasan. I found him to be very professional and personable.”
    – Toni S.
  • “Dr. Hasan and all of his staff are very friendly and knowledgeably. I have been treated several times by Dr. Hasan for lower back pain and each time was exceptional. He takes the time to explain the procedure and what you can expect.”
    – Scott T.