Patient Reviews: Alexander E. Michalow, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 5
(672) Patient Reviews and Ratings
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Michalow
  • “Dr. Michalow is excellent.”
    – Larry C.
  • “It was a great experience today, quick and very efficient. Dr. Michalow is to the point, and the injection went very well.”
    – Gary M.
  • “Dr. Michalow greets you with a smile speaks in a soft voice. He is very friendly and takes the time to explain what is going on. I have been using him for several years and don’t intend on changing.”
    – Lillian S.
  • “What can I say, Dr. A.E. Michalow is the best. I tell anyone I know who needs a procedure to please get the procedure handled by Dr. Michalow. HE IS THE BEST! Caring, gentle, doctor I have ever meant. Hard to find this kind of person nowadays. ”
    – Mrs C.
  • “Great!!!!”
    – Donald P.
  • “Dr. Michalow is the best doctor, very caring & compassionate ”
    – Debbie H.
  • “Dr. Michalow saw my disabled daughter to provide a prescription for a new TLSO back brace for her scoliosis. He was very kind and addressed her needs well. I had a difficult time finding an orthopedic doctor who would see my daughter and was very appreciative that Dr. Michalow agreed to do so.”
    – D. M.
  • “Dr is The Best!!! ”
    – Deborah B.
  • “He's wonderful. His presence in my fractured has been instrumental to healing and mobility. His relationship with bones and their fractures is strong and deeply perceptive. His nursing staff is incredibly resourceful, compassionate and like him-- The best. ”
    – Lana B.
  • “Providers and Drs are great. ”
    – Geri S.
  • “Prompt, professional, caring, and thorough. Explained everything in "patient language".”
    – B B.
  • “He does great work and met all my needs.”
    – Sherrill M.
  • “Wonderfull.”
    – Elizabeth G.
  • “Dr. Michalow is a gem. He has great compassion and understanding. ”
    – Mary D.
  • “Excellent.”
    – Thomas D.
  • “Dr. Michalow is very good. He is down to earth and answers questions in a way that you can understand. I have recommended him to others who need his services.”
    – Rosemary N.
  • “Excellent care He includes me in the decision process of choosing the correct treatment plan for. Compassion in care is the best way to describe his style. ”
    – Marcia A.