ROSA the Robot and Dr. Rajeev Puri Help Retired Local Nurse Get Back to Active

You may know that robotics in health care is the wave of the future. What you may not know is that robotic surgery is changing lives for the better locally, right here at OAK Orthopedics. 

That’s the case for Janet Fogarty of Bourbonnais, a retired nurse and grandmother, who was ready to be done with chronic knee pain after six long years.

“We have a pool, and it got to the point last summer where I’d come out of the pool and I couldn’t move my leg,” explained Janet. 

After doing her research and consulting with a friend and patient of local total joint specialist Dr. Rajeev Puri, Janet went to OAK Orthopedics. 

“Dr. Puri is very good. I do know he is one of the best one’s in our area. He also did two of my brother’s surgeries,” said Janet. “When I saw Dr. Puri, he gave me pamphlets and I learned about the robotics. It was just what I was looking for.”

For Janet’s right knee replacement procedure, Dr. Puri used the innovative ROSA robotic system designed for balance and precision at Mokena’s Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery. Janet arrived at 8 a.m., and by 4 p.m., she was walking and discharged to recover at home.

“I went on the walker after surgery, and they couldn’t believe how well I was doing,” Janet said.

Dr. Puri and his colleagues at OAK Orthopedics have raised the standard of care for local joint replacement with ROSA robotic surgery as well as Mako robotic-arm technology and surgical computer navigation systems, adding improved accuracy for better patient safety and more outcomes like Janet had with her same-day knee replacement and accelerated recovery.

“The short- and long-term outcomes for ROSA total joint replacements are quite good,” explained Dr. Puri. “We are pleased with our traditional approach joint replacement outcomes as well, but the ROSA gives us more specific information that we can use to fine-tune our results.” 

“The people I worked with were all excellent. I was off the walker within a week, and when they’ve looked at my knee, they can’t believe how good it looks,” added Janet. “I’m just glad they’ve brought it to our area. Robotics is the way to go.”

Now, Janet has plenty of plans once the days warm up again, including getting back in the pool and getting back on her bicycle — activities she’d previously left behind due to the pain. “I’m just so glad that I did go and have it done, and locally,” she said. “By the time spring comes, I know I’m going to be able to do so much more. I don’t have any doubts that it will continue to get better.”

In addition to the new technology, Dr. Puri’s skill, and the care of an exceptional team through a comprehensive treatment program, much of Janet’s success has been due to her commitment to following through with prescribed preoperative and postoperative exercises. “We have to work together,” explained Janet. “I’m going off Dr. Puri’s knowledge, and I knew I was lucky to have him.

“If I have my other knee done, Dr. Puri’s going to be my guy,” Janet added. “I just have complete faith in him. He’s that good. He exemplifies what you look for in a doctor.”

For patients in need of a joint replacement to resolve their chronic joint pain, Dr. Puri and the entire team of total joint care specialists at OAK Orthopedics are the area’s experts in the latest evidence-based treatments, including ROSA total joint replacement. 

According to Dr. Puri, most joint replacement patients are good candidates for the procedure, and “there is some advantage to the extra information one gets using ROSA technology in balancing a total knee replacement. A well-balanced knee may result in better performance and longer durability in some cases.” 

If you’d like to learn more about the fast, convenient, and transformational procedures available locally, call (815) 928-8050 or request an appointment online to consult with our total joint care experts.