Physician Spotlight - Tom Antkowiak, M.D.

Although still early in his career Dr. Tom Antkowiak certainly has and is making the most of it. This engaging, compassionate and energetic surgeon is establishing himself as truly a gifted physician and most certainly a valued member of OAK Orthopedics. Dr. Antkowiak began his formal education at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec attaining a bachelor degree in Biology which then was followed up by a master’s degree in Neurobiology. Upon finishing this course of study Dr. Antkowiak attended Albany Medical School in Albany New York where he graduated Cum laude in 2007. Following his strong passion for athletics and an active life he began his orthopedic surgical residency at the University of California Davis Medical Center graduating in 2012 where he served as Co-chief resident as selected by the facility and residents. Dr. Antkowiak went on to complete his orthopedic residency which was followed up by completing a sports fellowship at the prestigious Southern California Orthopaedic Institute (SCOI) in Van Nuys California.

Dr. A., as many patients like to refer to him, has brought cutting edge surgical expertise to OAK by way of his hip arthroscopy skills which allow the surgeon to treat patients with a minimally invasive procedure for those who experience that “painful clicking hip, snapping hip or hip that seems to catch”. By utilizing this minimally invasive surgical procedure Dr. Antkowiak is able to get patients back to their previous lifestyle faster and often with minimal pain. In addition Dr. Antkowiak, when patient appropriate, utilizes an anterior approach for replacing the hip joint which allows for a reduction in healing time and faster return to functionality for the patient. This procedure utilizes an approach from the front of the hip with surgical entry between the muscle masses in the front (anterior) of the hip.

With Dr. Antkowiak fellowship training in sports from SCOI he certainly see’s numerous athletes and active patients of all ages that want to return to their competitive and active lifestyles. As s former collegiate volleyball player he certainly has a strong connection with their mindset and desire to return, but at the same time his expertise and knowledge lead him to make prudent and sound medical decisions. Dr. A’s interest and love of the game allows him to serve as a team physician in the Lincoln-Way High School District, serving the last 2-years as team doc for LincolnWay North High School, his duties will shift to Lincoln-Way West High School the Fall of 2016.

At home Dr. Antkowiak is busy with a young family as he and his wife just welcomed their third little boy into the family. When he has spare time he enjoys a good round of golf, but most of all spending it with his wife and boys.

Dr. Antkowiak practices out of the Frankfort and Bradley offices of OAK Orthopedics.