OAK Orthopedics receives certification through the IAC!

OAK Orthopedics is certified through the IAC or Intersocietal Accreditation Commission.  The IAC provides accreditation programs for vascular testing, echocardiography, nuclear medicine/PET, MRI, CT, dental CT, carotid stenting, vein treatment and management, cardiac electrophysiology and cardiovascular catherization.  The IAC programs are dedicated to ensuring and promoting quality patient care supporting one common mission:  Improving health care through accreditation.  We have been granted an additional three year term of accreditation in the area of musculoskeletal MRI.  The training and experience of the technologist performing the procedure, the type of equipment used and the quality assessment metrics each facility is required to measure, all contribute to a positive patient outcome.  IAC accreditation is a "seal of approval" that patients can rely on as an indicator of consistent quality care and a dedication to continuous improvement.