OAK Orthopedics Is the First in the Region to Offer Groundbreaking Diagnostic, Treatment Tool

NanoScope™ by Arthrex®

OAK Orthopedics is the first provider in the region to offer diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgery using NanoScope by Arthrex. This is a breakthrough surgical technology called nano arthroscopy, an even less invasive form of arthroscopy, which uses a small camera to find and repair joint problems. Patients seeking the latest in evidence-based orthopedic care are encouraged to call (815) 928-8050 for an appointment in Bradley at 400 S. Kennedy Drive, in Frankfort at 19552 S. Harlem Ave., or in Watseka at 200 Fairman Ave.

For decades, arthroscopy has provided patients with a minimally invasive joint repair treatment option that offers excellent outcomes. Now, nano arthroscopy offers the next step in quick, efficient and precision care for joint injuries and conditions. The NanoScope is even smaller and more flexible than traditional arthroscopes, and OAK Orthopedics’ experts are able to use it as not only a diagnostic tool with alternative views but also as a treatment tool.

“This technology is going to optimize what we can do for our patients,” explains fellowship-trained sports medicine surgeon Dr. Michael Corcoran of OAK Orthopedics. “From navigating a tight or curved joint area to being able to access areas that are difficult to visualize even with an MRI, the NanoScope allows surgeons to see and treat problems in a more efficient way.”

The NanoScope has innovative camera technology and surgical instrumentation that offers:

  • Supplementary views to the MRI for convenient, in-office diagnostics of joint problems, such as cartilage or tendon damage.
  • More minimally invasive than traditional arthroscopy for even quicker recoveries.
  • Dramatically improved access to all areas of the joint during procedure.
  • Increased area of visualization, in some cases better than MRI.

“The future looks better and better for our patients,” says Corcoran. 

To learn more about nano arthroscopy or to schedule an appointment with OAK Orthopedics, call (815) 928-8050 or request an appointment online.

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