New Knees, More Skis for Retired Teacher After Treatment From Dr. Rajeev Puri

After teaching family and consumer science (also known as home economics) for over 34 years, retired teacher and Joliet Ski Club member Kathy Beaudry of New Lenox had knee pain that badly hindered her everyday life. 

"My job required a lot of walking and standing on concrete floors. I’m pretty sure that's what contributed to having bad knees," Kathy says. "It got to be so bad that just going to the grocery store and doing all the walking involved in everyday life was very painful.

"What finally made me go to a doctor and find out what was wrong was that I fell while I was on a trip in Canada in January 2018 and really wrenched my left knee," Kathy notes.

Her joint damage was significant enough to need a full replacement in each knee, though the doctor she initially saw told her she had to first lose weight before surgery, a task made nearly impossible due to her pain. 

"Then," Kathy says, "I met Dr. Puri, my hero!"

OAK Orthopedics came highly recommended to Kathy, who says fellowship-trained joint replacement specialist Dr. Rajeev Puri recognized her joint needs and took her total health into account. "He said, 'Let's do it!' . . . and I was so, so relieved that someone would help me," Kathy explains, "That's what doctors are supposed to do."

In late 2018, Kathy had both knees replaced by Dr. Puri. She says, "By the end of the second week after surgery, I was walking with a cane."

Now fully recovered, Kathy is back on the slopes with her ski club of over 35 years. "It was awesome! No pain when walking in my ski boots; no pain turning as I skied. . . This surgery really, really helped me," she says.  

"From the beginning, Dr. Puri was very caring and put me at ease," Kathy says of her overall experience. "The biggest thing for me was that even though I am overweight, Dr. Puri was willing to go ahead and do the surgery. What really impressed me was he called me at home after my first knee replacement to check on me because he hadn't had a chance to come see me in the hospital. I don't think many doctors do that!"

Dr. Puri, whose team performs 10 – 12 joint replacements per week, commends Kathy, saying, "Her success was largely due to her efforts and the support of her family. She worked exceptionally hard and was more motivated than most."

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