Dr. Rajeev Puri’s Patient Participates in Intense Kickboxing After Knee and Double Hip Replacements

Ice hockey is a fast-moving, physical sport that’s typically played by younger athletes—but when our patient, Michael Partyka, decided to learn the sport, he was in his thirties. Not only did he need to learn the sport, but he also needed to learn how to ice skate! As you can imagine, he took a lot of hard falls over the years that began to take a toll on his body over time.

Michael first came to OAK Orthopedics in the late ‘90s with pain in his left knee from a prior sports injury. Under the watchful care of now-retired surgeon Dr. Milton Smit, Michael underwent his first orthopedic medical procedure to repair torn cartilage in his left knee in 2000. In July 2007, his left knee deteriorated to the point that a total knee replacement was necessary.

Because of the toll exacted from ice hockey, it was time to address the severe pain in his hips. In September 2009, he underwent total hip replacement of his right hip, followed by a total hip replacement of his left hip in May 2012 under the skillful and compassionate care of Dr. Rajeev Puri. The outcome of these procedures was extremely successful. It has allowed Michael to stay physically fit by continuing his cardio workouts at the gym and fully enjoying a pain-free, active lifestyle.

One might think that after so many procedures Michael has slowed down a bit, but that’s not the case! Although he’s not playing ice hockey any longer, Michael continues to push his body by taking part in intense cardio workouts led by instructors at Genesis Martial Arts and Fitness center, where the average members are in their twenties. While there, Michael enjoys the intensity of high-cardio exercises, like skipping rope, fast-paced walks on the treadmill, and Muay Thai kickboxing workouts.

At the age of 60, Michael invited Dr. Puri to watch him test for his first level of Muay Thai. Because of Dr. Puri’s workload, he didn’t think Dr. Puri would actually show up, but he did! 

“To see my patient demonstrate this high-cardio workout—moving through the paces of boxing techniques, hard kicking, and knee and elbow strikes—completely pain free was extremely rewarding,” Dr. Puri says.

Now, at the age of 62, Michael has never felt better. Through his training at Genesis Martial Arts and Fitness, he has learned so much more than kicking and punching. However, it is only through the guidance and care of Dr. Puri and the staff at OAK Orthopedics that all of this is possible. Michael has a very deep and sincere appreciation for their watchful care and gives them all the credit! To sum up Michael’s philosophy today, he says, “Keep your hands up, and never, never quit!”

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