Clinic Spotlight Dr. Michalow’s Clinical Staff

Dr. Alexander Michalow’s clinical staff is responsible for providing the patient with a positive experience while providing great care, compassion and understanding. In addition the clinical staff must maintain organization and flow while efficiently serving the patient in an extremely busy practice. Plus Dr. Michalow functions out of two locations and see’s a wide array of orthopedic problems which further demands a dedicated staff to meet these demands.

Leading these tasks is Karla A. as clinical coordinator, who has been with OAK Orthopedics for 29 years and Barb Z. who has been at OAK for 15 years. Both utilize their vast experience and knowledge to keep Dr. Michalow’s clinic running at an extremely fast pace. Rounding out the clinical staff is Travis R. and Meagen D. who provides needed and valuable assistance to Dr. Michalow when he sees’s patients in the clinical setting.

In addition to the clinic time at OAK Orthopedics in Bradley Dr. Michalow travels to Iroquois Memorial Hospital (IMH) in Watseka to provide orthopedic care of those in need. Dr. Michalow not only provides clinical services at IMH and has doing so for 22 years, but performs surgery and on-call duties to the residents of that area. This coordination is no easy task, but with this capable staff makes it all comes together.

With 24 years of service at OAK Orthopedics and the Kankakee area Dr. Michalow and with the experience and knowledge of his capable staff, it is easy to see how they make it seem to look effortlessly.